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Your Success is Our Success

Possibly the single most successful fundraising project for a group or organization is a cookbook.

A cookbook produced by your group with contributed recipes from your members is practically guaranteed to sell. You can expect your members to buy at least one cookbook in which their name and recipes appear, some will buy several for personal use and others will buy dozens and send them to friends and relatives as gifts. And it is easy to calculate how many books you will need to print to avoid overruns.

We have produced hundreds of successful, custom designed cookbooks for churches, women's groups, homeowner associations, schools, PTA's, dance clubs, car clubs, businesses, families, reunions and many more. Your group or organization can easily produce and sell a custom made cookbook of recipes contributed by your members which will not only raise money but will also bring attention to your group, organization or cause in your community, around your state and even worldwide on the internet. Cookbooks for Causes can help you do it.

We will show you, step by step, what you need to do to collect and organize recipes and submit them for publication. We will provide forms for your member's contributed recipes and cookbook orders. We will provide you with an ISBN number, a library of congress catalog number, and submission to, the largest bookstore on earth, all at no additional cost. We will produce a custom made, one of a kind cookbook that your group's members will be proud to share with their families and sell to their friends.

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