Cookbook Creation Price Guide

The cost to create your cookbook is determined by the finished trim size, number of pages in your finished book, the number of books created and the various options you choose. The price per book goes down as the quantity increases.

If your cookbook is camera ready, you can find the printing price per book for 5½" x 8½, 6" x 9 or 8½" x 11 , just click on the size you are looking for. If we are typesetting your book, be sure to add the typesetting cost to the camera-ready printing cost. Also, calculate additional charges for any options you want to add.

The cost per page—finished page count—for typesetting varies according to the submitted manuscript format as follows:

$3.50 per page for manuscripts in word-processing (MS Word, Word Perfect etc.) or ASCII text format on a disk (.txt).

$5.00 per page for scannable (OCR) typewritten recipes (double spaced with no handwritten corrections).

$7.50 per page for unscannable typewritten recipes, including handwritten recipes from our recipe forms.

If we are typesetting your cookbook, there is no charge for sizing, screening and inserting halftones or line art, one per page. For example, if your book has 40 pages, there is no charge for up to 40 halftones that can be placed anywhere in your book. Additional halftones or line art will be charged at $5.00 each.  If your cookbook is camera ready, all halftones in the text will be charged at $5.00 each.

Our standard price includes up to three colors on the cover. Additional cost for a full color cover is $200 for scanning and separation of color photograph. The standard cover paper is 10pt C1S with UV Coating. Additional cost for film laminating is $.20 per book.

The standard price includes comb binding, spiral binding or perfect binding, whichever you prefer. Additional costs for imprinting the title on the spine of comb bound books is $.25 per book.

Optional hard covers can be used with spiral and comb binding. The additional cost per book is as follows:

5 ½ x 8 ½ or 6 x 9 
250       $2.00 
500       $1.85 
1000     $1.70

8 ½ x 11 
250     $2.20 
500     $2.00 
1000   $1.85

Books will be shipped via UPS. The standard turn around time is 8 to 12 weeks from receipt of your order to delivery. Production times vary according to the job specifications.

We offer two ways to pay:

Option A.

1/2 down with order, balance due with final proofs.
Includes FREE SHIPPING of entire order to one location.

Option B.
1/2 down with order, balance due 60 days from delivery, FOB Bend, Oregon (you pay for shipping)

Pricing Your Cookbook
Be sure to add typesetting charges to these 
prices if your book is not camera ready.

5½ x 8½ Camera-Ready Cookbook Price List
Price per book


6 x 9 Camera-Ready Cookbook Price List
Price per book


8½ x 11 Camera-Ready Cookbook Price List
Price per book

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