Cookbook Creation Services

Free Features:
Online Recipe Collection Forms, Full-Color Cover Design, Proofs, Advice and Support, hard copy Recipe Collection Forms, Advance Sales Coupons, Gift Certificates, Plastic Comb and Spiral Binding.

Optional Features:
Web site Creation for your cookbook, Direct Mail Marketing Strategies.

Our Commitment To You
As we said before we think one of the best fundraisers for a group or organization is a cookbook.  More than 37 years of experience as a successful publisher and book manufacturer are available to you.  We believe there is more to the creation of your cookbook than just putting ink on paper, and we offer a range of services including typesetting, design, printing and binding. We have produced hundreds of custom designed cookbooks for churches, women's groups, homeowner associations, schools, PTA's, dance clubs, car clubs, businesses, birthing centers, families, class reunions and many more.

We will show you, step by step, what you need to do to collect and organize your recipes and submit them for publication. We are always available via the phone, email or fax to answer any questions you might have.

One of the most notable differences between Cookbooks for Causes and other cookbook printers is customization. We specialize in custom designed cookbooks that include your own photographs and artwork on the cover and text pages. We produce your book for you, the way you want it. We don't have pre-printed covers and pages. We don't force you to use our titles and covers simply because we already have them printed.  Your cookbook will be one-of-a-kind.  A cookbook with local appeal, using photos from your area or artwork produced by your members and recipes that capture the local flavors, will sell better than one that has generic artwork and recipes. Our design department will turn your collected recipes into a beautiful cookbook your organization will be proud to sell.

NEW! One of the ways we make it easier for your group to produce a cookbook is with our ONLINE RECIPE COLLECTION FORM.  We will set up a web page on our server so your members can submit their recipes. The form will be automatically emailed to someone on your cookbook committee. The online recipe collection form saves a lot of time, since you receive the recipes electronically, you don't have to re-type them. The form also allows for pre-publication sales by letting your members tell you how many copies they would like to reserve in advance. We also have this form available as a downloadable PDF file if you prefer to mail a copy to the members in your group. The  hard-copy form is designed as a self-mailer to your members. You will need to print them from your computer and mail or deliver them to your members. 

Our typesetting department uses the most up to date versions of today's computerized publishing software. We can accept your cookbook on disk from many different word processing programs. Your typesetting costs will be a little lower if you organize and retype your collected recipes on your computer. If you don't have a computer you can use a typewriter, we have an optical character reading (OCR) scanner that can "read" your typed recipes and load it into our computer. We can also work from your recipe collection forms.

Typesetting  includes complete design of your book: title page, copyright page, table of contents, running heads, running footers, footnotes, glossary, index, captions and cut lines for photos and artwork and electronic pagination.

Camera Ready
If you are going to do the typesetting yourself and send us camera-ready artwork that means someone in your group will be typesetting your cookbook, or maybe you are reprinting from a previously printed cookbook and providing us the film or flats to print from. In either case the pages you provide us will be photographically reproduced to printing plates for our offset presses. This means that we are going to take a picture of your artwork and print exactly what is on the pages you provide. Your camera-ready pages will need to be set up with the proper margins for whatever size book you are going to have printed, along with all other elements you wish to appear in the book. Other elements include headers, footers, page numbers, and photos (see below about photos and line art). The general rule to remember about camera-ready copy is WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET (WYSIWYG).

The best way to get your book camera ready is with a computer, a desktop publishing program and a laser printer. You can also use a word processing program, like Microsoft Word to get the same results. A 600 dpi laser printer is the preferred printer, but you can also use a 300 dpi laser printer or an ink jet printer. Again remember—what you see is what you get. All we are going to do is photographically reproduce your pages to our plate-making system.

The margins we suggest are ¾" on the top, bottom, left and right. This is only a general rule; call us if you need more specifics. We can send you a book we have produced that is the same size as yours to use as a guide. You should send us your pages 1 up on an 8½" x 11" sheet, printed on one side.

If you scan your photos for black and white reproduction, you should also provide us with the originals for best quality. A photograph from your laser printer is probably not going to produce a halftone in the book that you will be satisfied with. If you have line art (images that are only black and white, no gray or shading like a photo), you can print those out on your laser printer. Again, just remember—WYSIWYG. If you don’t have a scanner or don’t want to scan your halftones and line art, be sure to leave space in your copy so we can paste them in. You will need to number them in some way so we know where to put them in the copy. There is an additional cost of $5.00 per photo or line art if you send us your book camera ready.

We also accept book reprints from  printed pages, original boards or mechanical film.  If you want to provide your camera ready copy on disk please call ahead to work out the details. We will readily accept Adobe Acrobat ( .PDF) files on disk as camera ready copy.

We can provide graphics for you from our clipart database, including cover photographs, but we highly recommend you provide us with your own graphics for a more custom designed look, especially for the cover.

Our standard cookbook text pages are printed in one color throughout. This is usually black, but any other suitable color can be used at no additional cost. Our standard cover is printed in up to three colors and can include photographs and artwork at no additional cost. We can also produce beautiful full color covers from your color photographs for an additional setup cost. See pricing information that follows.

Our printing department utilizes offset sheet fed equipment. This insures crisp, sharp photograph and type reproduction. 

We can spiral bind, comb bind or perfect bind (glued paperback). Spiral binding and comb binding are the most popular for the smaller 5½" x 8½" or 6" x 9" size cookbooks. Spiral bound books lay flat and can also be folded back to show just one page when cooking. A comb bound book also can lay flat and have the option of having the title printed on the spine. The larger 8½" x 11" size is usually perfect bound. The larger size allows greater flexibility in design, especially when using more photos and artwork. See the price list for the various costs associated with these different bindings.  We can also produce comb bound books with or without printed combs, perfect bound books, sewn hard bound books or spiral or comb bound books with hard covers. 


The Standard Cookbook
Our standard cookbook will fit the needs of almost any group or organization.  We have spent years perfecting its design and materials. Standard sizes are a full trim 5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 6 x 9 and 8 1/2 x 11. Our standard cookbook is spiral bound, portrait format. Other economical sizes are available as well as landscape format.

Standard text paper is 60# offset, high bulk, acid free vellum (400 PPI). Our standard cover is produced with a 10PT C1S cover paper. Heavier weight papers are available as well as papers with different colors and finishes.  Our standard U.V. coating on the cover adds a protective high gloss finish. We also offer plastic film lamination for a slight additional charge.

Comb bound and spiral bound books can also have an optional hard cover at an additional cost. The hard cover is a lightweight sheet printed with your cover photo and artwork, which is glued to a thick bookbinders board. See the price list for more information on the additional cost.

We can produce any style of book. Our suggested standards and options will meet the needs of most groups and at the best price. We can also produce hardbound books, books with dividers and tabs, color photographs, etc. These additional elements will create more expense and usually less profit. Contact us if you want more information about these additional elements.

Standard text paper is 60# offset, high bulk, acid free vellum (400 PPI), and cover paper is 10PT C1S. Text is printed in black ink, while the cover is printed in up to four colors with U.V. Coating.

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