Getting Started Creating Your Group's Cookbook

1. Collect recipes from your members. You can download our recipe collection form here. Print it out and mail or hand it out to your members. It also allows your members to tell you how many cookbooks they will want to order.  If you need Advance Sales Coupons or Gift Certificates for pre-selling your cookbook, choose the link above.

2. Estimate how many recipes you will receive from your members and how many you will use in your cookbook. This will help you determine the finished page count of your cookbook and how much it will cost to produce. If you know how many pages you will have you can get a quote here.

3. If you want to send your cookbook to us camera ready you can get a price from our price list here.

4. If you want us to typeset and design your cookbook go to the Typesetting section here, then go to the printing price list on that page to determine the cost to produce your cookbook. Be sure to add the additional typesetting charges to the camera ready prices.

5. Finally, go to the  Request for Quotation and we will send you a production order for your approval.

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